Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Hit the Links

Instead of my writings I want to share three sites with you (just click on the word "Number"):

Number 1 is my new photo site. I've put the big boy camera to work and posted the photos for all to see. I've put the link under the "Suggested Viewing" section of this page too. There will probably be more updates to that site than this one, so check often!

Number 2 is an essay from Ben Stein about the elections and change. I've had these same thoughts since the "political circus" started touring last year, but I wasn't too sure how to articulate them so I'll let Ben do it for me.

Number 3 is a tough one. This was written by an Army officer who was also a blogger. He's quite the nerd and quotes Babylon 5 a lot, but it works. There is a little preamble that explains a lot so I won't beat it up here. I'll just say that you should read every word, read it slowly, and reflect on what he wrote. It's powerful stuff. It wouldn't hurt to read it a few times either.