Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Lethal Beauty

The San Francisco Chronicle did a seven part series about the high number of suicides of people jumping from the Golden Gate Bridge and the debate to put a barrier up to try to prevent this. This is a follow up from a piece the New Yorker did on the same subject. I've never been to that point in my life where I just wanted to end it all, but I know people who have, some have gotten all the way and ended it, some have just tried. We had a student who suffocated himself here a few years ago and I've had a reversal of my view on suicide because it really brought it home for some reason. Maybe because he was like me in personality, career choice, etc. but, I used to say "Let 'em do it! Who cares?" but then I thought about someone saying that about my child and I couldn't imagine letting that happen. So take time to read this and think about it. It can happen to any age, gender, race, or income level, in short it can be anyone.