Sunday, January 21, 2007

Out and About

I decided to venture out into my new surroundings these past couple weeks, I'm so glad I waited until the weather got warm! We've only had a high of 40 or so, but hey, better late than never or something like that. We did have one warm day and Quentin and I headed down to D.C. via the Metro (that's what they call a subway here) and roamed around the Capital building and the mall in general. We stopped by the National Archive because that's one of the few places I have never been to on my numerous trips to Washington and because it was free to get into plus I had to pee and I knew there would be a bathroom in there. I thought it was great to see the Declaration of Independence and Constitution, but Quentin was bored and tired and therefore had to through fits and whine about being there so we didn't stay too long.

Now as I have wrote before, I love big cities and being in the heart of them makes me happy except for one thing, homeless people! Call me what you want and tell me that I should be understanding of their problem or something, but they smell and are gross and I don't like them. We saw one on our way to the Metro station and he was sitting on bench and didn't bother us but he had a cup and next thing I hear is the cup being filled while it was sitting in his lap. So here I have just come out of the building where our nations documents are on display and my best memory is of a guy peeing in a cup. Maybe next time I have to pee I'll just use a cup instead of going to a museum.