Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Closing Time

I've decided to pack up the blogger account and head out to another site. If anyone still reads this, we'll see you there. Take some time to revisit the very underrated 90's classic by Semisonic first.

The new title is appropriately: It Is What It Is

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Cleveland Rocks

This about sums it up!

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Another Random One

OK, so I've been really damn busy. Sorry. A few things that are on my brain from recent events:

1. Ms. America - She had an opinion, she voiced it. Grow the fuck up. I disagree with her opinion too, but it's hers and I like people who voice their own thoughts. Not that Ms America is something to be taken very seriously, but why is Perez a judge anyway?

2. Swine Flu or N1H1R2D2 or what ever it's called - Stop whining! The regular flu kills a lot of damn people on its own. The media needs you to be scared of something so that way you'll watch the news. I'm curious, how many would really know there is a recession if the news didn't tell you? I bet not very many. Until we are living in shanty towns again, stop acting like it's the great depression. It's not even close. People are still bitching if their HD signal isn't all that HD. I know, because I am one. The same thing is happening with this flu. Wash your damn hands and don't worry about it.

3. Twitter - I think the idea is kind of lame, but I really don't care about it. It's not much different than blogging I guess. John Mayer's is pretty funny though.

4. Penguins lost to the Capitals. Heartache.

Peace, Love and Happiness!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

You Growns Up

"I have pinpointed the moment that a person passes from adolescence into adulthood—The moment when you stop thinking that any Dave Matthews Band lyric is insightful or deep.

If you never thought any Dave Matthews Band lyric was insightful or deep, you are an old soul."


I guess it's over. My youth was a good time and I enjoyed it very much. I face my age everyday when I'm around my much younger classmates, but this, this just hurts!

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

They're Gonna Give Daddy the Rainman Suite!

This past weekend I went to Atlantic City for the first time.

Pause. I just noticed that I'm working my way up the casino prestige ladder. I first went to a casino in Biloxi, Mississippi, then it was off to Atlantic City, next stop should be Vegas followed by Monte Carlo. Resume.

I'm not a big gambler, I never really cared because I always knew that the odds were greater that I would lose more money than gain. (See what I just did there?) If I did gamble, it was small time and only with money that I could handle loosing. So when The Lady expressed that we go, I was a little skeptical, but I said yes. All in all we only lost about $20, so it was a good day. The kicker came at the Blackjack table.

I have never played Blackjack outside of my friend's kitchen table. I know the basic rules, but I haven't a clue about the strategy. However, I always had a James Bond fantasy to sit at a table and play some cards, so we did. After finding the lowest minimum table we could find ($10) we sat down and placed our bet. The first couple hands were OK; mostly because the dealer did the math for me. Then the dealer instructed me on how to "properly" signal to hit or stay. Well I didn't hear him and the guy across the table decided to yell it. Fucker. Fine. I learned. Then the guy starts bitching about when I'm hitting or staying. Shut the hell up. It's my money. I played my $60 and left.

I'm not really mad at the guy or the dealer or anyone. It was simply more embarrassing than anything. I've decided that it won't happen again either. I found a few websites that I can practice and learn the strategies. Who knew that the game with the least amount of cards could be so complicated? Oh well, I'll be ready for Monte Carlo in about six months, give or take a few.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Have A Seat

Last semester I usually sat in the front corner of my classrooms. Why? I don't know. This semester I decided to sit in the back for the same unknown reason. I've discovered that much like bathroom walls, the backs of desk chairs have some wonderful messages on them. In one of my boring classes where the professor rambles on about who-knows-what I noticed the following messages:

- I Love Potato Pancakes! Followed by, Me Too! And then, Who doesn't? Well, I don't. I've never had a potato pancake. Growing up, Mom never made one for me. Is this a Mid-West thing or an Ohio thing, like that Hang On Sloopy song? If you don't know, I'm sure you've heard the song, the chorus goes "Haaaang on Sloopy/Sloopy hang on" to which a bunch of Ohio people start yelling "O! H! I! O!" congratulations, you can spell. When I asked the meaning of the song, I was greated with blank stares. I hate Cleveland.

- The obligatory Chris + Kelley with a heart around their names. What a perfect set of suburban names. I wonder if they're still together driving mini vans with apple juice stains in the back seat from the kids. I'm sure that Chris wanted to consummate their relationship in his or her dorm room, but being the good Catholic Ohio girl, she made him wait a few months, weeks, maybe even days!

- My personal favorite: Are you on ur period? Maybe this was the result of Chris telling Kelley that he'd pull out but didn't quite make it in time and now they're a little worried. Would it be wrong if I said, for his sake I hope that she is on her period? Maybe the professor was especially bitchy that day and it had nothing to do with Chris and Kelley. I've never really met and angry woman on her period, mostly they're just more emotional, if that's even possible.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


If you have twenty minutes or so to kill, I suggest you enjoy the following video. I first saw this in '05 when I was in TAD (temporarily stationed) in Mississippi. That was probably the second best time I ever had in the military.

In other news I've been giving you videos to watch because I'm in college and I write a lot and I'm a little writing fatigued. Look at the bright side, you can have something to entertain you while you should be working. Because, that is the true reason that man created the interwebs!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


This was my theme song when I heard it. Plus, it was from the era that rappers were good for shooting each other. Even Mom could listen to this one.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

While We're Discussing Money

There are two colleges near me. One is a public school the other is a private school. I go to the private school. The tuition for me is (rounded) $28,000. The tutition for the public school (state resident) is $5,100. Both of those are with the fees included and minus room and board. Looking at the state school I could start as a freshman and end with a JD (law degree) and still pay $10,000 less than what I pay the private school for one year.


This may have been the dumbest decision of my life. With the loans I took out, along with the grants and scholarships I was given, I am still short $2,000.

I want to be a history professor someday. I don't think even a degree from Harvard would make me stand out in that field. I imagine that having a doctorate is the key for this career path. With that in mind, I'm transferring. If you can think of a reason that I shouldn't transfer, e-mail me pronto. If you're a rich woman looking to have your sexual desires fulfilled in return for providing me money, e-mail me faster than the others.

Why I Have To Skip Concerts And Games

This morning I wanted to purchased tickets to see Billy Joel and Elton John. This is a legendary show that has happened a few times in the past and I never got to go. The only thing I could afford was upper deck behind the stage. So, if they have any kind of tall backdrop, I'm screwed.

The other thing that bothers me about this is that we have to go to Ticketmaster or any other kind of outlet. By the time I was able to get to the site, the decent tickets were gone, not that I could afford them anyway. They have something called Ticket Exchange that allows you to buy and sell tickets that folks already bought. Now here is where the prices skyrocket; this is, essentially, legal scalping of tickets.

The sports world is no better. Tickets to the playoff game between the Steelers and the Ravens started at $239.00. The Penguins start at least $80.00.

You can't forget the service charges either.

Maybe someday I'll have the disposable income to afford these things. While I'm a student my sporting events and concerts may be on hold and that pisses me off.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Edumacation (Update)

The second semester started yesterday. Whatever.

My God class seems kind of interesting. We're not just going to talk about Christianity so I'm kind of looking forward to that. I have faith issues, but I'm still interested in religions and why they do what they do and why they do it. We have to attend a religious service of a group that we are not. For example I can't go to a Catholic church but instead I should go to Synagogue. The catch is that we have to do it in groups. I hate group work. People will drag you down. Who knows maybe this time will be better than the last.

I'm the same age as my English professor. She has a slight Valley Girl voice, which I've noticed a lot of people are getting. It's that whiny sounding voice with a lot of "Likes" thrown in; drives me nuts. But, no one else sees the irony of an English professor talking like this. Should be an easy grade though. No tests, just a few reports to write.

I have speech, history and philosophy today, or as I like to call them Talkin', McHistory (it's an Irish history course) and Deep Thoughts. A lot of people are terrified by the speech class. That should provide some laughs. I'll give you an update tomorrow.


Speech class went OK. People weren't as scared as I would have hoped. No laughs there. Rate My Professor gave her a hot rating. Not so much. She's not bad to look at, but I wouldn't give her the hot rating just yet. Maybe Cleveland is like being on a ship. As the time wears on the bad looking girls get hotter because of the lack of hot ones. Yeah, yeah, I have a girlfriend, but everyone looks, so kiss my ass.

Speaking of looking, ladies, do something with your damn eyebrows. Even I have the barber trim and separate mine and I'm so hairy I may as well be the missing link.

Deep Thoughts, well the prof there is a bumbler. I lost track of what he was saying so many times that I didn't know what was going on. Hopefully the book will bail me out. I could drop the course and pick up another, but I got a sweet schedule (every Friday off) and I don't really want to screw that up. I'll check it out though because I don't feel like teaching myself philosophy, if that's even possible.

The Irish history course made me feel like a moron so far. We started talking about neolithic, prolific, prilosec ages or something, I don't know that shit. We'll see what happens as the weeks progress. I think the good doctor is trying to do too much history in too short a time. Let's be honest, nobody really cares about history BC. Well some do, but they like to dig in fields with spoons looking for pottery from those eras. Screw that.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

They Will Come and They Will Go

Happy New Year. It seems '08 was rough on a lot of people, I didn't really see it as bad. I would have done a lot of things differently, but overall it was pretty decent. Hope this year is a good one. If it's not, do your damnest to make it that way.

I just got back from the 'burgh where I watched my Penguins get dropped by the Bruins. I hate taking road trips to see my team lose. That part sucks. The rest of the trip was good. It was my Lady's first trip to the old Mellon Arena. That place is a dump, but it's ours and we love it. In talking with the Lady I opined that the new sports arenas don't have character anymore. Pittsburgh, Boston, Chicago, Buffalo, and many more all had unique arenas, but new ones were, or are being, built and now they're basically interchangeable and indistinguishable from each other. However, they are a lot more comfortable to watch a game in.

I bought Q and I tickets for a hockey game involving our local minor league team for his birthday. This is nice, because the tickets where $26 bucks each. The Penguins tickets were almost $90 each. Eek! Of course they'll charge these prices and we'll pay it and bitch about it.

The worst for me was while searching for the birthday hockey tickets, I saw that Fleetwood Mac is on tour. I would love to see them. I have re-discovered them and I just simply adore them. The catch is that the tickets are $149 a piece. WTF? How much to these things need to be? Who sets these prices? Again, people will pay it and the shows will be sold out. If I had a bigger pay check, I'd be there too. Even with my small check I was concidering going, but the Lady said she would throw shit at me or something if I did. It's still tempting though!!!! I guess we'll just have to enjoy this instead. My favorite song, "Dreams."