Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Bobby D.

Hey Bobby Dylan
I wrote you a song
You pretty much wrote it
But I'm movin' it along
You wrote it back
In the early 60's
About a man named
Woody Guthrie
It was written for him
But you sang it for me
I heard it once
Comin' from my TV
Hey Bobby Dylan
Won't you sing it for me

Hey Bobby Dylan
I want you to know
What's goin on in the world
As she grows
The hard rain
Is still falling down
It gathers in puddles
All over the ground
Those cannon balls
They're still gonna fly
Those young men are still gonna die
Hey Bobby Dylan
Can you tell me why

Hey Bobby Dylan
Where are you today
I wonder what it is
You would say
If we keep going
Will this river
Keep flowing
Will our minds
Keep growing
Will we find a way

Hey Bobby Dylan
I wrote you a song

Monday, June 26, 2006

Hello, Is There Anybody Out There?

Does anyone still stop by this thing? If so leave a comment and I'll write some more...