Sunday, August 27, 2006

Late Nights In Baltimore

James and Wynton

2:00 AM I drink my wine
2:00 AM Would you like to dine
2:00 AM Do I know the time
Jazz comes from the speakers on the floor
Moans come from the girl next door
2:15 Wynton's trumpet wails
2:30 The girl exhales
2:36 Jim Morrison calls
The wine in my blood makes me fall
Rain washes away the lines of chalk
It's a lovely night
Let's go for a walk
Rain will run through our hair
3:00 AM
An insomniac's nightmare


How can I Love again
You burned my soul with your sin
Now here She comes
Begging to get in
My bars are thick
My walls are high
She loves me so much
It makes her cry
I killed my Love
I watched it die
I burned that Love
I saw the smoke in the sky
Now Love calls my unlisted phone
I check the ID
It says "Unknown"
She promises me that I can trust
However your sins
Still linger like dust
That sits up high on cabinet tops
I can't get it with brooms
I can't get it with mops
Who's that outside
I'm calling the cops
She jumped the fence
She cut the bars
Get here fast
Spin the lights on the cars
She pulls out that Love .45
The bullet cuts through
I won't survive
She points the Love to her temple side
No One Here Gets Out Alive

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Was It Safe To Say...Was It Right To Leave

As all three of my readers may know I'm moving to Baltimore this month. In keeping with the traditions of my current work place, I decided to have a going away party at the bar of my choice. I picked a date, picked the place, and sent out the "word". I choose my favorite bar in all the Norfolk Metropolitan area, O'Malley's Irish Pub. Being that I work in Virginia Beach, most of my co-workers live there too. So they would have to make the 15 mile trip to Norfolk. A lot of people said they would make it or at least try to, so I was looking forward to the "festivus".

Friday night comes along and I decide to wear my favorite Aloha shirt and I must say I'm looking damn good. I even show up fashionably late for my own going away party. I walk in about 9:00 PM and there are three people waiting for me. Well, I tell myself, it's still a little early for a night out. Long story short, the same three people that where there to begin with are the same three I closed the bar down with. What the F?

My personality is the type where I can get along with a wide variety of people, and therefore I thought that when I sent my invitation to that same group of people, that a majority would come out, but obviously not. What's strange is that I've always been like this, I've had a lot of people that I know and that know me and everyone seems to be cool with me, but I've never had people call me and see what I'm doing, I've had to track them down. No one every says "Lets see what Adam's up to." It's always "Hey, it's Adam. What are y'all doing." So what is it about my personality that makes me popular with out being popular? Many a times I've been told I'm a good man and that someone was real glad to know me. But no one calls me to go out and do stuff. The older I get the harder it is too, because I'm surrounded by married folks who tend to stay more domesticated when I'm ready to go out and chase. Of course my worries are diminishing the longer I'm with Lorena, I love being domestic and spending the night with my lady, but the friend situation is bothering me a little, I thought more people would come say goodbye.

Was it right to leave? I guess so!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Life Of Love (Eternally)

It started out as bliss
April to June are the days I miss
I still can see our first Kiss
To myself I made a wish
On the field I spilled out fears
We tried to imagine our careers
By The Fountain you shared my tears
We spent the weekends locked up so tight
Our school daze we broke out late night
On a dark road we saw a sight
We vowed to share love for all life

Eternally you used to say
I guess it doesn't go that way
Now I'm here all alone
Clearing memories from this home

By July I was on my way
August our memories fade
September the Image of Love was made
We made our love in Twenty Days
I held you close when you cried
I shared your pain way down inside
I begged alone to make it mine
Nothing could stop our time

Eternally you used to say
I guess it doesn't go that way
Now I'm here all alone
Clearing memories from this home

December brought unforgivable crime
No longer where you solely mine
Unto dark water I cried and cried
No longer was trust in mind
To bring it back I tried in Vain
It never would be same again
New Year brought a miracle sign
He could restore what once had shine

Eternally you used to say
I guess it doesn't go that way
Now I'm here all alone
Clearing memories from this home

Another year came to go away
You went back to your old game
I hid my self in doubt and shame
Said goodbye one hot summer day
Now we're here and your out there
Acting like you don't care

Our fountain
Is now cold and black
Our bench
Is scrapped out in the back
Our Room
Is closed
Our pondIs dry
Our Life of Love
Is dead from pride

Eternally you used to say
I guess it couldn't go that way
Now I'm hereI'm not alone
Making new memories
Making a new home