Thursday, June 21, 2007

I Came, I saw, My Feet Hurt

The day started when I woke up around 4:30 AM in preparation for my big trip into the Federal City. I then dawned my favorite olive green suit with blue shirt and matching tie with olive and blue patterns woke up Q took him upstairs for his ride to day care and I was off around 6:00 AM. I drove to Laurel, MD with out any problems but there the unavoidable stop and go traffic that is Interstate 95 began; so much for making the 6:52 train! I saw my desired train pulling away from the station as I arrived to the Greenbelt Station parking lot. After trying to successfully place my full size over compensating truck into one of many spots designed for the original Cooper Mini's I grabbed my bag, slung it over my shoulder, and headed into the station. I had to add money to my fare card, which I thought I knew how to do but the very polite Metrorail employee showed me the error of my ways and my SmarTrip card now had $22.00 that could be used for fair and parking fees.

I was able to catch the 6:58 train from Greenbelt to Chinatown however in keeping with Parson Law was delayed because of another train moving slowly, the delay was less than five minutes so apparently the Metro doesn't fall under my jurisdiction. I pulled out my iPod from my bag and hid it in my pocket because I'm sure everyone wants to steal them an iPod, but no one even noticed me so no problem there, maybe it's because I used black ear phones instead of the "mug me white", only the thief knows for sure. I enjoyed the sounds of The Clash while I read the free news paper that a nice young man handed me as I entered the station and I was disturbed by an article about a man being beat to death by a mob after he hit a child while driving; the child, by the way, had no serious injuries. I arrived to Chinatown where I made a hasty exit from the Greenline to catch the Redline. When I got off the Greenline the song "Train in Vain" was playing and I thought that was funny even though there is no mention of a train in the song at all. As I exited the train the song "Magnificent 7" was playing and I found this appropriate because it's all about the rush of the daily grind.

The meeting I was attending was pretty boring and for the most part useless for my position with my organization so I'll spare you the details of that and go back to my city narrative.

I wandered around downtown Washington in search of a decent place for lunch that I found in a place called Harry's Saloon. I sat outside under the awning watching the sidewalk traffic of the many business folks, tourists, and kids enjoying their Summer vacation. I had a steak sandwich that was less than ten bucks but tasted like it was worth twenty. The two bankers I followed in obviously knew what was good, so if they stop by, thanks!

Now, I'm about six hours into my day and since about two hours into the day my shoes where digging at my poor little toes. I never understood why women would bitch about shoes looking great but feeling bad, I have now changed sides of that argument. Ladies, I support you and your shoes!

Even though my shoes where digging into my tootsies, I decided I should see some of the sights while in town so I finished lunch and headed back towards Pennsylvania Avenue. I had a very nice view of the Capital Building straight down Penn Ave, but I decided not to hoof it down there. I was close to the White House, so I walked the few blocks to see how things where running. Pennsylvania Ave is closed to traffic in front of the White House and the street has been redone with brick and it looked very nice. A family asked if I could take there picture to which I happily obliged. The nuclear weapon protest lady is still there, she was there two years ago when I was in Lafayette Park last.

I then headed back to the train station for the trip home. I grabbed a copy of The Onion for the ride and I laughed all the way home. The articles of note are "Bush Calls For Development Of National Air Conditioner" and "Bar Skanks Announce Plans To Kiss", very funny articles to say the least.

By the time I got back to the station my feet where on fire. I guess I'll have to get off my cheap ass and invest in some new ones. These are almost 10 years old after all! I found my beloved Silvie (the Silverado) right where I left her with out any new scars so that made me happy!

In light of today's adventure I've decided that if I am going to stay in the area I would rather do it in DC. While Baltimore has some good points, I just find DC more inviting and interesting. I'm sure my love affair with the hustle and noise of the city will leave me, but until that day, I want it all!

Boo old shoes! Hooray DC!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Mr Adam Goes To Washington

I'm off to DC tomorrow to sit in what I'm sure will be a boring meeting, but there will be lots of folks there who may be people that could help me on my way to employment. I'm going to bring my best impression and some business cards that I made, so we'll see what happens.

I've got to be there by 7:30 which means I've got to leave my house by 6:00 to catch a train into DC at 6:52. That part isn't cool, but it's part of the job hunt I guess.

CJ, I'll tell Georgie you said hi, since you're old pals and all...

Monday, June 11, 2007

Don't Stop Believing

Tony Soprano went out to the sounds of Journey last night. In case you missed or don't care, the show ended with Tony, Carmella, Anthony Jr., and Meadow all together at a diner where the screen went to black and we where left with no idea what happened to Tony, Paulie, or Sil. I think this ending did exactly what it wanted to; make people talk. All I heard today from ESPN to the View was how the show ended. The ending was very "artistic" with the black screen and the unresolved plot lines allowing the viewer to make up their own minds, but it was still a little disappointing.

Arevederci Antonio!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Lockdown de Paris

Paris Hilton got out of jail after three days of a three week sentence. Everyone is making a big deal about this, but really, how is this different than getting released after seven years of a 21 year sentence? Maybe Paris had good behavior and they sent her home early. Now she gets to hang at the house and must wear a Lowjack for the next 40 days. Now, I know when I've had to sit in the house when Q was sick I got a little cabin fever, so maybe she will too and that will not be fun, but then again, she could have a house party and for Paris; "That's Hot!"