Saturday, November 18, 2006

Not A Great Poet (Lorena's Song)

Just a note about this one, I've been sitting on this for a while trying to decide if I should publish it or not. I figure that I've kept nothing else from you all, so why start now? This was adapted from a letter that I received this past summer, so I can't take all the writing credit on this one, she did most of the work, I just made it rhyme. I was burned pretty bad and this might hurt, but maybe publishing it is the best way to get over it, I guess we'll see... -Adam

Everyday I look above
And I thank God
I'm blessed with our love
The very thought of how
You turned my life around
Leaves me breathless
And without sound
I don't deserve
What you give me everyday
All I can do is show you
There are no words
I can say
I can be what you want
I can be what you need
I've got plans for us
Someday you'll see
Where there's a will
There's a way
We will be together soon
No more separate days
I swear it's the truth
My heart's on display
I'll never hurt you
I'll never run away

These may not be the words
Of some great poet
Even if it takes a lifetime
I'm going to show it
Someday you'll see
What the chance to love you means
Never change who you are
In my sky you're the brightest star
I will make any sacrifice
I will go anywhere
To be by your side
And to treat you with care
They may be your past
But I'm your present
With a love like this
Our future is sure to be
Heaven sent