Saturday, November 18, 2006

Not A Great Poet (Lorena's Song)

Just a note about this one, I've been sitting on this for a while trying to decide if I should publish it or not. I figure that I've kept nothing else from you all, so why start now? This was adapted from a letter that I received this past summer, so I can't take all the writing credit on this one, she did most of the work, I just made it rhyme. I was burned pretty bad and this might hurt, but maybe publishing it is the best way to get over it, I guess we'll see... -Adam

Everyday I look above
And I thank God
I'm blessed with our love
The very thought of how
You turned my life around
Leaves me breathless
And without sound
I don't deserve
What you give me everyday
All I can do is show you
There are no words
I can say
I can be what you want
I can be what you need
I've got plans for us
Someday you'll see
Where there's a will
There's a way
We will be together soon
No more separate days
I swear it's the truth
My heart's on display
I'll never hurt you
I'll never run away

These may not be the words
Of some great poet
Even if it takes a lifetime
I'm going to show it
Someday you'll see
What the chance to love you means
Never change who you are
In my sky you're the brightest star
I will make any sacrifice
I will go anywhere
To be by your side
And to treat you with care
They may be your past
But I'm your present
With a love like this
Our future is sure to be
Heaven sent

Monday, November 13, 2006

Northern Journey

I've got an image
Running round my head
It's an image I thought
Was gone and dead
Here you came back
Walked in again
Throwing me off track
How did this begin
You didn't stay for long
Just long enough
To bring up memories
I thought where gone
I thought we had a chance
The other night
We locked eyes
While we did our dance
So close and so tight

I've never been so alone
Since you've made your way
I'm feeling more alive
With every passing day

There's places
I can go
There's people
I can know
I've got no one
To stop me
I've got nothing
I can't be
Maybe I'll go
Back to school
Maybe I'll jump
Off that ledge
Into that pool
I've been so scared
I've never dreamed
I've never dared
To bring to life
All that could be

I've never been so alone
Since you've made your way
I'm feeling more alive
With every passing day

I'm going home
To the north
I'll watch the snow
Go back and forth
I'll sip away
All my pain
I'll watch the ice
As it turns into rain
I won't think of you
I'll wipe the sweat
From my pores
When I'm through
I'll close the doors
And shut out the life
I had with you

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Mind Fuck

Hey little lady
I see you with him
Dreaming dreams so sweet
Take a look I'm outside
Wandering the street
I'm coming in to take your thoughts
On a little trip
Your sweet will turn sour
Those dreams I'm going to flip
I'll sneak into your mind
When you least expect
I'll take you for a ride
There is no need to run
There is no need to hide
Please don't be scared
You don't have to cry
Why should I worry
Why should I try
You did what you had to
Are you satisfied

Love is the end
Love is a friend
Love will offend
Love will mend

You think that you're happy
You think you have joy
I'm sneaking in your head
Your bliss I will destroy
I'm creeping 'round your mind
I'm sure you never thought of this
When you left me here to die
I don't care what you're doing
I don't care what he says
If he has any sense
He'll stay out of my way
I'll drown you both in
Sorrow, misery, and pain
My love is gone
Thanks to you it has been slain

Love is the end
Love is a friend
Love will offend
Love will mend

What's the point of love
Do you like your love
Do you miss my love
Are you falling in love
Are you happy with love
Do you feel the love
I can't stand the fucking love