Monday, February 04, 2008

A-Praise Adam!

I just received an e-mail from Boss-Number-One telling me that I have to fill out an Employee Self Appraisal. All I can say is, "What the hell is this shit?" How can you honestly ask the employee to rate the job s/he's done? If corporate reads these things do they really take them seriously? I think even a nun would make her self look like Employee of the Year on these things.

It comes complete with prefabricated questions to answer:

1. Briefly describe duties and responsibilities during the performance period. Include proposal and marketing efforts.

Describe significant accomplishments, achievements, and disappointments.

Describe views on development needs and goals for the upcoming performance period. Include work, education and training objectives.

It's like my theory on steroids in baseball. If everyone is juicing, you have essentially made everyone equal again, so there is no point. So with all of us bull shitting our way through these appraisals I'd like to think that maybe they can see what kind of people they have on their payroll, but I doubt it. I think when you make a certain salary you lose all touch with reality and common sense. You then start speaking in buzz words and find thing that you think are motivators, but really they just make you look stupid.