Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Newsweek ran a story that claimed Americans had desecrated Korans in front of the Muslims being held in Guantanimo. That story turned out to be false (Oops!), and even if they did, so what, but I'll get to that in a minute. Riots started around the Middle East because of this and people died. I'll say that again PEOPLE DIED! We then tell these clerics "Wait, wait! Nothing happened!" They say, "Doesn't matter! Too late now!" Where do these jackoffs get the free pass, how are we the bad guys in this? They are cutting off people's heads. Aid workers, people going there to help and they kill them. But we are the bad guys, right Big Media? I'm so sick of this media hatred for this administration that they will make up stories to try to make them look bad. This is the second time this has happened, that I know of. CBS and Newsweek both have viewers and subscribers in the millions. They are very influential and they feel that they can just make up things as we go along all while criticizing the administration for sending us to war on "lies". Well being a little hypocritical aren't we?

Now about this Koran desecration. So what? Marilyn Manson used to tear up a Bible during his stage show, no one really got upset about that except Christians, but what do they matter? Coddle the Muslims, hate the Christians, it's the latest fad. If I have a choice of tearing up a religious book and getting information that saves my countrymen, give me some scissors and a shredder. I'm done listening to these whackos complain that prisoners are being roughed up a little or deprived of sleep or whatever else. What happened at that prison in Iraq was not abuse, that was hell week at a fraternity. Remember those high school girls who did a little initiation on their team mates by throwing feces at them and getting it in their mouths while Mom and Dad stood around and laughed. That, my friends is abuse, and those where high school kids.

The values in this country are as hosed as these Muslim assholes who we are trying to coddle. They hate us and want to kill us. There is no talking. There is no surrender. There is nothing that we can do except protect ourselves and take them out before they take us. Now I hate saying that. I have become quite the non-violent type lately, but these people scare me. If any of you have a doubt as to why we are doing what we are, I will happily send you pictures from 9-11-2001, that shows people jumping out of the World Trade Center, and we're talking close ups of these jumpers. But wait there's more, you'll also get close ups of a hole in the side of an United States Navy ship (That we didn't retaliate for. Thanks Bill). And if you call in the next ten minutes we'll also include images of bloody service members being pulled out of the Pentagon and for a limited time only, links to the videos of aid workers losing their heads. I've seen these videos and I've vomited afterwards along side of the other analysts, but I think that all of America needs to see them and think about losing your head with a dull knife.

"Wait! Stop! The story was wrong! Newsweek was wrong!"
"Well too late now!"
"Really? Well F-You!"