Saturday, April 23, 2005

Media Clergy

With the death of one pope and the election of a new one in the days of "on demand" media the spotlight is on the Catholic Church in a way not seen since the molestation hysteria. As far as I'm concerned these two issues go hand in hand, media and Catholicism. The "big media" is telling us how the last pope reacted to molestation, and how the new one might. The biggest question I have is what are the true numbers of these cases compared to all the Church? I don't condone those priests that did these crimes, they should be jailed, or the ones who covered it up and that goes all the way to the top with J.P. 2, he could have done more as far as I'm concerned. The year that Elizabeth Smart decided to take a ride with her internet boyfriend and then her parents cried kidnap (yeah, that's what I think really happened), the actual number of child kidnapping cases was down. However the attention that was put on the case made everyone think that this was a strange new epidemic. I spent 11 years around clergy. Everyday, and in close proximity, sometimes even alone. Not once did I ever see anything that even remotely resembled sexual advances. One of the most influential people in my life just happened to wear a Roman collar. I spent a great deal of time with this man and never, ever, did anything like that happen. There are millions of priests and nuns in this world and a select few have to ruin it for them. Gone are the days of the Catholic Youth Organization trips that are only accompanied by the clergy of the school/church, if they even happen at all. Gone are the days of trusting the very people of the cloth that have nothing but love for their congregation, people of all faiths, races, and tax brackets. I include myself in that group of untrusting people too, as a parent, I have to. Isn't that sad?