Wednesday, July 11, 2007

K-Y Do You Ask?

The guy in front of me at the grocery store bought KY. I wonder if he's going to use it with others or save it all for himself. Pretty funny because he almost used my Bonus Card to buy his KY, but he found his own card so I won't have someone at the Giant Grocery Headquarters laughing at my record with a purchase of chicken breast and KY with a side of salsa.

KY is something that you can't mask the use of either. You either can't get wet in front, you're using the back door, or you're masturbating. There are absolutely no other uses for that product. It falls in line with douche and depends. I know I'd hate to prance through the store with my diapers and self pleasuring lotion; and I just said a prayer that it doesn't come to that.

Oh well, I hope Mr. KY has fun with what ever purpose he made his purchase.