Saturday, July 07, 2007

Tupac Cobain at Live Earth

I realized my age the other day when I found out that most folks starting college or, in my case, just joining the military don't much remember life without computers. They also don't remember seeing "Smells Like Teen Spirit" interrupting the "Hair Bands" and their control of the charts and video air play. This is so strange to me because I still think of these things happening last week. I can still tell you what I was doing when MTV News told me Kurt Cobain and Tupac Shakur where gone. Up to 9/11 and the Afghanistan and Iraq wars this is what my young "Y" generation thought of with the highest reverence. I swear as soon as I turned 18 time went in fast forward. Now my parents don't seem so dumb when they told me it would!

I'm watching Live Earth concerts today and while I love the music, I keep wondering what is really going on. I've got one side telling me the world is fine and the other telling me that the world is out of control. I'm guessing we're somewhere in between. We've got issues that we need to address, but if we don't we're going to have some serious problems. I really wish this country would stop pointing fingers and just tell the folks the truth.

Speaking of Live Earth, I found out two things today; Dave Grohl is an amazing entertainer who pours out his passion on stage and Alicia Keys is one very talented and sexy woman.

UPDATE: Dave Mathews dropped the "F-Bomb" on Bravo's coverage of his set. How's that for freedom of speech? Actually he dropped about 10 "F-Bombs" during the song "Too Much".