Thursday, January 31, 2008

Pizza, Beer, and the Web

As I sit here trying to kill the last 15 minuets of work (It should be half an hour, but in my world 15 minutes is just as good, as long as it benefits me by coming in late or leaving early.) I have been subjected to the conversation of two nerds. They are discussing web development and the software that is involved with it and I couldn't care less. I wouldn't want to do this crap on my own free time. It's like the time I served pizza at the Pimlico race track, I looked at pizza all day and by the end of my shift I smelled like a giant slice of pepperoni special. Because of that I couldn't go near a pizza for the next two weeks. The strange part is that I also served beer, but I happily drank that when I got home, so maybe there is something to these guys doing web design while sitting in their parents basements talking to their on-line girlfriends.