Saturday, January 17, 2009

While We're Discussing Money

There are two colleges near me. One is a public school the other is a private school. I go to the private school. The tuition for me is (rounded) $28,000. The tutition for the public school (state resident) is $5,100. Both of those are with the fees included and minus room and board. Looking at the state school I could start as a freshman and end with a JD (law degree) and still pay $10,000 less than what I pay the private school for one year.


This may have been the dumbest decision of my life. With the loans I took out, along with the grants and scholarships I was given, I am still short $2,000.

I want to be a history professor someday. I don't think even a degree from Harvard would make me stand out in that field. I imagine that having a doctorate is the key for this career path. With that in mind, I'm transferring. If you can think of a reason that I shouldn't transfer, e-mail me pronto. If you're a rich woman looking to have your sexual desires fulfilled in return for providing me money, e-mail me faster than the others.