Thursday, July 14, 2005

Hi-Q 2

OK, I started posting on a forum website. Remember that. Remember, as well, the thing stating that I am of "below average" intelligence. Now when the two are put together I am starting to feel that way. This site has a lot of younger people on it and some of them are not even out of high-school yet, and the things that they say are amazing and I have never felt so stupid in my life. I also never realized how far detached from the youth of the nation I am until recently, but that's another issue. I try to keep up with them on some debates and I'm just amazed at the things they know. When I was in high school I knew Bill Clinton was president and that was about it. I really didn't know much about his administration and the things that where going on, nor did I much care. These kids, however, are telling me things that I should already know. Here I thought I had knowledge about politics, but now I realize that I'm just a moron and I think that I'm smarter than I actually am. So what does this mean for the future of America since I'd like to be a teacher someday? My SAT score was incredibly crappy, but I also took it the day after prom and I knew I was enlisting so I didn't pay as much attention as I should have. My latest college GPA is 3.6, but I didn't really feel challenged and I felt like I B.S.'ed my way through.
So give me some feed back O'Reader. Am I a moron? If I'm not, then what is my problem? If I am, then where do I go to get informed on the issues of the day?