Monday, July 04, 2005

I'm movin out!

I moved this week and that was quite the experience. First off I failed to pack everything effectively, so when my parents showed up we where running around packing. Speaking of which, you never know how much stuff you have until your trying to put it all in boxes and a U-Haul type truck. Dad and I got a little frustrated with each other at times, but it worked out fine and I'm getting my new place put together. All I have left is to get my pictures hung on the walls.
My old landlord was a pain in the ass. I didn't help my cause any though. When I first moved in I signed a 12 month lease. Well that year cam and went and we didn't sign another lease, which I guess a lot of owners do, you just pay your rent and if you want to move you give 30 days notice and your on your way. Well, being younger and stupid, I shredded the old lease, I'm sure I'll get a legal bashing from CJ, but, it is what it is. So my real question is, even if I didn't get rid of it, is that old lease still valid? He kept trying to BS me about certain things that because I didn't have the lease I couldn't really argue or look and see if they where real or what. It wasn't anything big, it was just cleaning the carpet, but that was time consuming and time I didn't have. Long story short, I just bit the bullet and cleaned the carpets before I left, I took the opportunity and cleaned my new carpets too.