Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Last Night

Last night
I had a dream
Riding in a car
With Tambourine
We started to climb
I started to scream
We drove across the evergreens
I did not know which way to take
We found out where you congregate
I saw them by the lake
I started to
Jump and shake
They told me
"Come and pray"
I said
"Save that for a rainy day"
Tambourine told me it's time to go
I asked where
He said
"I don't know"
I woke up
Started to cry
Tambourine asked me why
I told him
"I don't want to fly"
"You can do what you want to do"
"But I can't follow you"
He told me
To to make my way
I'm going outside
Outside to play
Just like I did when I was small
My greatest joy
Was the stick and the ball
I didn't wait for someone to call
I had no worries
I had no stress
I didn't have to impress with my dress
Deep inside I think we know
That's the best the world can show
I'm coming out of my dream for real
See what cards life can deal