Thursday, October 05, 2006


Sitting all alone
Staring at my room
Trying to delay
The inevitable doom
It hurts so bad
I don't know what to do
I'm so sad
Every corner I turn
Reminds me of you
I've got so many feelings
Bottled up tight
I dread being alone
In the middle of the night
I put on a smile
To hide what really is a frown
My mind is racing
I need to slow down
I catch my self pacing
What am I feeling
What am I facing
I've cried so much
I'm going to drown
Everyone knew
Everyone except me
How come I couldn't see
All the bullshit
That she did to me
I couldn't fall again
I spend my life so guarded
I wouldn't get burned
By the Sin
Yet here I am on fire
Riding my street car
Named desire
My thoughts
Come sporadic
I wish
I was an addict
So I could find
A way to escape
Someone is going to see
I need to close the drapes
I don't want to show
The way I feel
Down below
I wish I was a psychic
Find a way to predict
What's going to happen to me
I spent too many
Nights awake
Fighting these battles
Until I shake
I fight every one
Until my fists bleed
They flat out
Fuckin hate me
They don't see who
I really am
They don't see
What I can
I saw what she could be
They just took her from me
I think I'm gonna flip
There's my drink
Take a sip
Smoke another pack
Fuck it
She aint coming back