Saturday, October 07, 2006

Over (Part 2)

Here I am with me
Only my thoughts
Keep me company
Late nights
Listening to Em and Ani
Both speak the same
"It's over"
Find another game
Now it's time to be angry
Soon there will be no pain
All you have to do is
Hop another train
I don't see one for days
I'm lost in some kind of haze
Or maybe it's a maze
Wandering around blindly
Under the sun's rays
The sun burns me black
I gave love that wasn't given back
Now I'm on the attack

So go back to your 'ville
Take your little pill
Do it all up until
You think you've had your fill
Sit upon your hill
I hope you feel the chill
Now you know how it feels to kill
As Love lay here dying
I'll find another who is trying
To be what I need
Someone who won't do the deed
I hope you'll hate your soul
I hope all of your gold
Is really nothing more than mold
Someday you'll be told
Someday when you are old
All the lies that you have told
To the devil you have been sold

Do you think I'm a little angry
Well someday I hope I won't be
I'll find a way to forgive
I'll continue to live
Don't worry I'll be fine
I can't wait for you to cry