Sunday, October 15, 2006

Over (Part 3)

The saddle is tied tight
I'm leaving at first light
Time to move on
Time for a new song
I may have tried to hang
A tad too long
I wish I didn't
But I felt no wrong

Maybe some other time
Maybe some other place
I could have woke up each morning
To your face
I tried to be angry
But that just isn't me
You went your way
I'll go mine
I know that it will get better
Only get better with time

I can't sit here and say I didn't cry
If I did that
I'd be telling a lie
In this life people come and go
With everyone we pray
For the strength to know
If they're for real
Or if they're for show
If they'll stay
Or if they'll roll
I hope you don't take
What life throws your way
Some of it's good
But some of it's fake

You broke a heart
And yours will break too
Just look straight ahead
And walk right through
Always remember
The darkest night
Brings the brightest day
Never forget
How we used to laugh and play
Hiding like children
During those rainy days

You're a part of my short life
You're with me in my heart
You'll even be with me when
I walk to the light
When the heavens ask me
What on Earth did I like
I'll tell 'em your name
And when I say it
I won't say it with spite