Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Big Love/Big Hate

I just finished watching Primetime on ABC and this week they focused on polygamists in Arizona. Towards the end of the show they did a segment about a group of the women who are taking action to end the laws that make polygamy illegal. Me personally I agree. Why not make it legal? What's the problem. They're marriages in the community last and are, at least on the surface, happy marriages. Some groups say it's demeaning to the women, but it's their believe system and who are we to question it? People are real quick to preach tolerance until it clashes with one of their principles. In my opinion these folks may be a little skewed in why they feel that God encourages plural marriage. It seems very mid-evil to me, but like stated already it's their believe system and they are still in America and could leave if they wanted to.

I'm not a big fan of bringing freedom with a gun, but at the same time we are trying to make the world live like we live and in my experiance that lifestyle isn't that bad. So here we have groups saying get out of Iraq and the Middle East in general, but then turn around and say the way those people are treated is horrible and someone should do something about that. So now what? I think most of the people in those parts of the world are kept stupid to prevent them from rising up and overthrowing their governments and making a country that will be sucessful and not get caught up in a leadership vacuum that is filled by some crazed dictator. In the end are we any better when the day is through?