Monday, August 13, 2007

Paint A Date

I started watching this show on VH1 called "The Pick Up Artist" and I must say it is flippin' hilarious. It's about seven or so guys who are the epitome of nerd and they are under the tutelage of so called Pickup Artists who go around teaching schmucks like me how to be the guy that "men want to be and all women want to be with". Sometimes it's a little embarrassing to watch these guys go into a club/bar and try to start conversations with women. Some of these guys have never had any resemblance of a girlfriend. The first two episodes focus on the men changing their image from simple polo's and jeans to modern style and flair.

I really don't have anything witty and fun to say about this show, but it is entertainment and it makes me laugh. The only VH1 show that tops it has got to be "Rock of Love" nothing like watching White Trash women try to get the front man from my old favorite Glam Band, Poison.