Sunday, August 05, 2007

Whine in the Woods

Q and I went camping this weekend with 13 of our friends in the wilds of West Virginia. The weekend was very interesting in the world of your Friendly Single Parent. My son was the youngest one there and he was following the other two boys around like a little brother and he was wearing on their nerves like one too. There was a lot going on that made him a little overwhelmed and that made him get testy and whiny. I felt like a bad parent this weekend because I was just pissed off more than I have been in a long time at my Little Man. This single parent thing is just wearing on me more and more lately. I'm also stressed out with getting a job, getting him to school, the fact I have no money anymore, and the general uncertainty of the future. I want it to be next month so I can hopefully come down and relax from all this chaos.