Thursday, September 06, 2007

Days at Home

While I am waiting to hear back from another job before I make the jump to Virginia Beach I have made some very interesting observations. The biggest one is TV, and I've been watching a lot of it. The commercials are not geared towards housewives like I would have thought, they are instead trying to get the attention of retirees and disabled. While watching Jeopardy on Game Show Network there was an add for Hoveround which was invented by a guy named Tom Kruse (pronounced like the Scientologist). That was immediately followed up by an add for catheters, and that was actually not something I needed to hear. The Life Alert is back complete with "I've fallen and I can't get up!" Drew Carey still isn't on Price Is Right, they're showing the Barker stock pile. I was a little bummed about that. I really wanted to see how Drew did.

Quentin seems to be doing very well in school. I haven't had a bad report and that gives me a little relief, because I was sure he'd have some sort of listening problem, but the reverse has happened, he's actually better at home than he was before starting school. I was hoping that school would be good for him.

I've gotten some reading done as well and I must say I rather enjoy having no where to go and nothing to do all day. I am looking forward to starting work soon though. I can only do this for so long before I go completely nuts!