Monday, September 17, 2007

Maury Baby Daddy

I'm watching Maury and I got to say, it's setting black and white people back more than Jerry Springer ever did. I don't know if these folks are actors or not, but if they are I don't know how many takes it took to do it with a straight face. I can't help but ask, are there that many women who are this young and have no idea who the father of their children are? I'm sure Maury will do paternity tests all the way to the bank until every momma has a baby daddy.

In case you've never saw an episode, here are the Cliffs Notes:

Maury: Here we have Woman who needs to know who the father of 9 month old Baby
Woman: I'm 100% positive that he's the father of this child!
Man: Woman, you aint nothin' but a ho who (Bleeep) everyone in sight. I know that aint my kid! He doesn't even look like me! I don't want anything to do with you or your damn kid!
Maury: When it comes to 9 month old Baby, Man, you are...

Now here is where it gets interesting, either he is or he isn't. First here's what happens if he IS the father.
Maury: are the father!
Woman: What mother(Bleep) I told you! I told you!
Man: Oh, well, I want to take care of my child. I knew that was my child. I love you Woman!

And if he's NOT the father:
Maury: are not the father!
Man: Yeah bitch I told you. You aint nothing but a dirty ho. (He gets in the girls face and sometimes his mother or maybe his new girlfriend is there doing the same) I hate you bitch! Nasty ho!
Woman: (Doesn't say anything and runs backstage crying and hides in a closet)
Maury: We'll find the father, we'll help you!