Monday, September 10, 2007

The Future Is Written

Today I found that the job I interviewed for here in Baltimore is the route I'm going to take. They offered more money and I don't have the heartache of moving and getting Quentin back in another school. I still love Virginia and hope to return there someday, but for right now this was the best route. It gets my foot in the door with a company that I really like and have many friends that work for them. I haven't heard bad words about this company either, which makes me feel better about the whole thing.

The "Phone Company" came to me with an offer first and until today it was the only offer I had. It put me back in Virginia and it took me to the building that I worked in while I was there. I was happy there and I had some really good people around me. The down side was that the Phone Company wasn't willing to help me out much. I don't expect them to bend over backwards for me, but there was no flexibility at all. They wanted me to start on the September 17 and they wanted me to do it knowing that I couldn't leave Baltimore until September 1 at the earliest. If I was alone, I would have started work after the long weekend, but I would have had to pull Quentin from school and get another address down there to enroll him in another one. I also would have to pay two rents until this lease was up which would have been at least the first of October. I asked if my start date could be pushed another week and I was told no. I asked if there was any financial help for relocation and I was told no. I asked if there was anything they could do and the only answer I got was they'd give me a few days off that would put me in the negative for my vacation days or take them without pay. So today I said goodbye and told the local company I'd be accepting their offer. I have some paper work to do and hopefully I can start sometime next week.

Until then I get to hang at home and watch movies and read. I started the Harry Potter series and I'm up to the second book; so far so good. I watched "Freedomland" and I tried to watch "Pans Labyrinth" but it's in Spanish and I hate reading my movies. My good friend CJ gave me some other suggestions that I plan on viewing before I go back to the daily grind.