Friday, April 06, 2007

The 5th Became The 6th

I have a rare day off during the work week and here I sit typing at 8:15AM. I do this because I was awoken around 7:00AM with a feeling of panic. I did that because yesterday was the 5th of April and that is the last day that my rent can be paid with out receiving a late charge and I'm certain you get some kind of "nasty gram" telling you that your rent is over due and you're a very bad person! For some reason every month I wait until the 5th to drop my rent in the box that is in the leasing office. I feel like the longer I wait the more money I'll have. It's a strange thing I know but the more I can look at an ATM reciept and see more money in the balance the happier I am.

This morning my body clock woke up around 6:00 and I reassured myself that I did indeed have the day off and it was safe to go back to sleep. I wandered back off to dream land and then shot up around 7:00 realizing that if I had the day off that it was the 6th and I knew that no trip to the office has been made on the 5th. I got up and proceeded to get dressed in a funny color combination of blue Adidas pants, white shoes, light blue shirt, green fleece , and a black hat. I get an envelope to put the check in and I go to the truck to get my check book. Since Maryland can't make up it's mind of what season it wants it's about -20 outside and that causes the pen in my truck to not want to write. I don't have time for this! They're going to be in the office soon, I think anyway, I really don't know. I take my rainbow of clothes and my gaggle of paper and back to the house. I fill out my check, put it in the envelope, tell Quentin I'll be right back, and step out into the tundra again. I walk over to the office, drop my rent in the box, head back home against the wind making the cold even colder, and now all is right with the world...until May 5th that is.