Sunday, April 22, 2007

Do It Like They Do On The Discovery Channel

Ever since I was a little Adam I have been fascinated by the likes of the Discovery, History, National Geographic, and Learning channels. I will sit and watch a two hour feature on migratory birds with out even flinching. If there is a "Modern Marvels" marathon, I'm in my glory. Call for pizza and wings, because Daddy isn't cooking tonight! I can't dare miss this program telling me how the Empire State Building was made. Granted it isn't that bad, but you get the point.

One of my favorites was a BBC documentary series done about five years ago called "Blue Planet" that looked at all the ocean life at the different depths and how there is life on this planet in even the harshest environments. So when I saw the adds for another BBC and Discovery project called "Planet Earth", I had my DVR set and ready. This one is an eleven part series that covers every climate and continent on Earth. The thing I liked best about it was that unlike other wild life docs it stressed the beauty and complexity of our planet and not the state of it. There are a few conservation messages throughout however and while I do support protecting the planet as much as we can, I don't want to get bashed about the head and face with it.

Over all you'll be happy to know that it's business as usual in the woods and while there are a few hang ups here and there most of the species are doing what they do on this planet, come and go. There are a few species that are endangered and while some of that may be contributed to us it really is what has been going on for millions of years. Animals evolve and some of them get left in the dust called extinction. After all when did last see a dodo bird?