Monday, April 16, 2007

Doped On TV

Starting this past Saturday I started the annual Spring cold. I always get at least one of these this time of year when the weather starts to act unpredictable. I went from wearing shorts to wearing my parka in the course of a week, feels like I never left Buffalo. However Saturday was fine and I even managed to go out that night. Sunday was the storm before the calm. I was stiff and would go from cold to hot and back to cold. All I wanted to do was pop cold medicine and watch bad TV. Unfortunately couldn't do these things because I had to drive to the great town of Breezewood, PA to pick up Quentin.

The drive up was alright but the drive home was horrible! I was drinking so much water and orange juice that I had to stop twice during the two hour trip. I got home and unleashed Quentin to the toys and I dozed on the couch while watching the race and then the hockey game. Those events didn't bring much relief from my non-breathing misery, Fat Tony spun twice and broke his racecar and the Penguins lost 4-2 to the Senators. My only joy came from taking Sudafed and having some of the strangest dreams and half conscious thoughts throughout the night. It was a long night of waking up and trying to sleep again.

Tonight I'm going to try NyQuil and my sleep should be much better!